October 2 2016

Knee Pain; Can it be avoided?

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         This is another edition in an ongoing series about taking care of our bodies while spinning. This newest article is about common issues which can begin to affect every part of our lives; knee pain. As always, if you are experiencing any ongoing pain or sensitivity please consult a physician as [...]

March 30 2015

Introducing FAI’s Media Team

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If you've been following us, you know that we've been producing regular content for a few months now. We are happy to announce the expansion of our Media team to enhance the level, quality, and perspective of our flow arts reporting. Each of our new additions offer a wonderful perspective in each of their specialties. [...]

January 21 2015

New! Regular Flow Arts Institute Programming

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The Flow Arts Institute is proud to continue our mission and deliver quality Flow Arts News and related content programming to you. Mondays Mondays content consists of a rotating schedule to keep things fresh for the first of the week. Every 1st Monday of the month, we will feature a select instructor to give you insight [...]