FAI Consent Culture Initiative

Consent Culture Initiative’s mission is to build and cultivate a restorative, solution-oriented culture of consent and respect which permeates the community and can be mobilized beyond it.

Our society has awakened to the pressing need to normalize conversations about and practices of consent-- and the Consent Culture Initiative will do our part to facilitate that goal. We uphold that the longstanding empowerment of individuals to stand by their own boundaries and respect those of others will result from a multi-faceted approach of education and accountability.

CCI is driven by restorative principles and strives to cultivate a support network for survivors-- both at individual events and regionally. CCI provides informational resources to survivors, allys, and the greater community by way of workshops, forum discussions, and reference provisions. We recognize a foundation of support and edification to be essential, and that principles must be met with a framework for action. Thus, CCI contributes the means for events to develop custom accountability systems and safer spaces for attendees and staff. While upholding standards of confidentiality and anonymity, we equip event managers with the resources to arrive at more educated decisions concerning their approach to consent culture cultivation and consent violation accountability.

It’s only with the combined effort of the many that social progress is made. With the collaboration of many minds and many hearts, we will succeed in making the change we know we must see in the world. We look forward to your participation in our continuous growth and efforts to permeate social standards with intentional and widespread interpersonal respect.

If you have a consent violation you would like to report, please fill out this form. We will respond within 24 hours of your report.

Our Guidelines

What we will do:

  • Create and continually develop and improve community procedures for responding to participant’s complaints, concerns and questions around consent.
  • Provide education and workshops to empower participants to communicate respectfully on an individual level about consent and other challenging interpersonal issues.
  • Connect community members to Pillars and other resources in the community they can depend on for support.
  • Facilitate open platform discussions for community members to express their thoughts and feelings.
  • Manage, document, and react appropriately to reports sent to the intake manager, while upholding standards of confidentiality and anonymity, and executing proper procedures for community response to consent violation incidents.

What we will NOT do:

  • Accept abuse in any of its guises.
  • Assume that the decisions of one group or individual automatically apply to all.
  • Expect community groups to replace or circumvent existing legal structures, playing the role of judge and juror.
  • Make any decisions regarding reports made.
  • Communicate any sort of ultimatum or final demand to you, the organizing leaders of this community.