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If you’ve managed to make it out to a couple of fire festivals, or are part of some of the Facebook groups, then you’ve likely at some point or another heard the phrase “We are all Joe Graff”.  The story of how the Philly man who many of us have all gotten know and love first joined our beloved flow arts community contains a multitude of events and sequences (all of which are very important). The most critical point in  Joe’s tale where he took the first steps on his journey started at the end of his third Burning Man.

At the time Joe was frustrated by the lack of fire spinning in his skillset at this point in his Burner life. Dancing with fire was the most amazing thing Joe had seen out there, and he had to be part of it. In the spirit of radical self-reliance, Joe took it upon himself to start his path like many of us did by going to the almighty YouTube and begun learning for himself.

After about a year or so of solo practice, he started going to flow festivals that were both highly compelling and socially nourishing as well. These are the reason why Joe continues coming back to flow arts the community. They feed his intellectual curiosity about movement arts, but more importantly feed his understanding of human connection. On a regular basis when Joe comes to flow fests he meets new and amazing human beings and that’s what keeps him coming back.

Joe continues to contribute towards the betterment of the community he loves very dearly, by helping manage the email hotline for consent awareness. The purpose is to create a safe space within the community to spread awareness of consent violation. Any concerns or suggestions can be emailed to

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