Richard Hartnell – Contact Juggling Butterflies

///Richard Hartnell – Contact Juggling Butterflies
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Project Description

The Butterfly is the fundamental trick for Contact Juggling. A great place to start learning if you’ve never tried before. If you don’t have a sphere, try an orange! It will take lots of repetition to get it smooth, so do your best to not get frustrated as you learn. Keep it fun.

Richard Hartnell is an awesome contact juggler and and all-around great guy. He performs for a living by touring festivals and busking venues, plus holding down gigs at home in Oakland.

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The Flow Arts Institute is creating a compendium of online video training for spinners and jugglers. We aim to provide top-quality video lessons from reknown teachers that cover the widest variety of prop skills. This website will have many more inspirational and instructional videos very soon. Stay tuned for an announcement of their launch.

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