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The Flow Arts Institute (FAI) supports the development of the blossoming Flow-Arts community by providing quality educational opportunities, an informational resource hub, and workshop-based festivals. Our intention is to provide the highest quality Flow-Arts education and experiences available. We aim to fill the community’s need for flow-skills training, personal growth, and professional development by offering:

Retreats & Intensives

Retreats and intensives based on more personal instruction, personal growth, and holistic health to compliment the country’s larger Flow Festivals.

Online Resource Hub

An online resource hub for Flow Arts information, including a compendium of video tutorial content on this website, both free and pay-per-download

Flow Festivals

Flow Festivals around the USA, gathering hundreds of fire-spinners and flow-artists to learn, teach, innovate, and build community. We are the largest network of connected flow festivals in the country, and host over 500 workshops per year.

Merchandise Shop

A merchandise shop on this website for festival and flow related gear.

Safety Training

And, industry-standard safety training information for fire performers and their supporting personnel.

Please take a look around the site and get to know us better. We are proud of what we have to offer.

Are you not quite sure what we mean when we say “Flow Arts”? Try this explanatory page:

What Is Flow Arts?

Our Team

NOELFlow Godfather
Noel Yee aka Noel Tech – Foreways Project, Vulcan Crew

One of the most important figure of the modern flow arts scene, Noel Yee has had a strong hand in the evolution of flow arts culture and always brings a unique understanding of object manipulation to the table. With thousands…

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KEVINInspiration Specialist
Kevin Axtell is a seasoned performer, juggler, and professional fire dancer currently performing with the west coast performance troupe Mountain Motion. Kevin is also a Master Firewalking Instructor and has personally trained firewalkers all over the world. With a passion for education, flow arts, juggling, performance, fire, and…

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HOWARDSafety Director
Dr. Howard Chen is a well known flow artist, who has been teaching and performing for over 10 years in the fields of Flow and Fire. Originally starting as a performer for Cirque de Flambe in Seattle, Howard eventually emigrated to Reno, NV and began performing with it’s premiere fire performance troupe, Controlled Burn…

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ZANPattern Connoisseur
Zan is one of the most recognized names in the fire-dancing world. He has been teaching and performing for 11 years across 35 states and 20 countries. He is a natural instructor, presenting concepts very clearly with words well chosen to get the information across. His dynamic performance style is honed from over 400 shows…

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PYRUSEvent Manager
Pyrus has been spinning and performing since 2007. He is from Minneapolis, MN and co-runs Insphyre Performance. Teaching, learning, and growing the spinning community are a huge part of his life. Pyrus is the Director for Kinetic Fire and the 2014 International Jugglers’ Association, and assists with organizing CampFire…

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NICKEvent Manager
Nick Garcia is an avid and meticulous poi innovator from Marietta, Georgia. Since 2011 he’s played a variety of roles for the Flow Arts and fire performance community including: instructor of beginner, intermediate, and advanced poi classes, medical organizer, event director, and is the current General Manager for Flame Festival in LaFayette…

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