Safety Training

The Flow Arts Institute offers a thorough fire safety video course and online certification. The safety program was thoughtfully designed by Dr. Howard Chen, medical professional, safety enthusiast, and seasoned fire-dancer.

Introducing our online Fire Safety Course

For the price of a can of White Gas. Get Educated.

We aim to create a safer, healthier, and happier community by spreading the knowledge of fuels, dip stations, spin-off, and putting out fire.

Book cover for the Flow Arts Fire Safety Textbook.

Written by Howard Chen, MD, the FSP (Fire Safety Project) Flow Arts Fire Safety Manual has been over 2 years in the making. The purpose of this book is to provide guidelines for the safer use of live fire as a performance medium within the context of the Flow Arts. Be on the lookout for in-person, comprehensive Fire and Fuel Safety courses run by Howard and his crew at a Fire and Flow festival near you!"

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