The digital age is upon us… Whether we accept it or not, we will be recorded.

There is much debate over whether or not to engage in the video sharing culture of YouTube, Facebook and others. This list is an attempt to outline the benefits of posting and following of videos online and also the benefits to be gained when abstaining from that community. All of us want the best of both worlds. By making these strict lines, I don’t hope to prove either side, just generate conversation about the topic. Ultimately, we all find ourselves using these props for different reasons and the same can be said about sharing and following videos. We hope that by outlining the positives of both following and disengaging will cause one to think deeply about their art and consequences and benefits of engagement in the online video making community.

Positives to Online Video Watching and Posting

  • Engaging in an online conversation about technical development.
  • Generating content that contributes to the body of knowledge that exists in the digital form. Hence creating digital evidence of creativity and growth.
  • Motivation for an individuals practice that involves feedback, engaging in a community who are peers and inspirations with recognition of one’s work.
  • The earning of social capital through regular content posting. Whether through tutorials, flow videos and inspirational artistic endeavors.
  • Learning the skill of video editing along with visual learning through the watching of the videos of other.

Positives of Not Posting or Following Online Videos

  • Provides a opportunity for individualized creative methods toward approaching technique, separate from external influence.
  • Ownership through independent training, technique creation and practice methods can lead to a deeper relationship to ones art and reasons for engaging in the art.
  • Self motivated and rewarding practice. Practicing the art for an alternate end exclusively. Such as for performance, stress release and other.
  • Creating a meaningful relationship to techniques created. Building a stronger relationship to the external world through sharing techniques in person.
  • Learning excellent note taking skills and recording of ones ideas. An increased amount of time spent on creativity and practice.

My personal opinions may be spread throughout this dichotomy. The next article will be an editorial about my opinions and researched case studies including general attitudes about these ideas. Thanks for reading! If this is something you enjoyed, please engage, contribute to the conversation, write and talk to your friends about it. Love, noeltech.