All in a Day’s Work-Flow

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Project Description

“When I’m working in the wood shop hands-on with a natural material, I experience through immersion in the task a loss of time just like with Contact Juggling or Poi. This video brings attention to the Work-versus-Play divide. Flow-arts help us channel a state of present-moment-awareness and creativity through the use of certain props. But at some point we have to put down the props to interact with the wolrd in another way. Can we harness the flow state in the everyday? Can we turn daily actions into Flow-Arts? In the end, work and play are what we define them to be personally. We can choose what attitude and approach we bring to any task.” ~Zan Moore

The Flow Arts Institute is creating a compendium of online video training for spinners and jugglers. We aim to provide top-quality video lessons from reknown teachers that cover the widest variety of prop skills. This website will have many more inspirational and instructional videos very soon. Stay tuned for an announcement of their launch.

Video filmed and edited by Nicky Evers of Nevers Media. Filmed in the Columbia Gorge, Oregon.

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