FAI Fire Safety Course


Welcome to the Flow Arts Institute’s Fire Safety Education and Training Program Online! Please consider taking steps to improve the safety of your local and regional Flow Arts Fire Performers. We hope the information will help you further your passion within the Flow Arts!

Within these pages, you’ll find the test questions that will enable you to receive a Certificate of Education in Fire Safety for the Flow Arts.

The test cost is 20 USD.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Your access to this course comes to your email you provided when you purchase the course. Please save that link and use it to re-enter and resume your progress on the course. You must be logged in before clicking the link to access the course. If you have any questions let us know!

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5 reviews for FAI Fire Safety Course

  1. Chumlee (verified owner)

    This is one of the most comprehensive fire safety courses for fire performers, and the only online courses available.

  2. tranceart7 (verified owner)

    At this moment my review is unsatisfactory because i puchased a course and certificate and cannot access my courses

  3. Amy Nosal (verified owner)

    I got so much out of of the FAI online fire safety course! The videos are packed with lots of great information, and they’re really enjoyable to watch. The reviews in both the videos and the quizzes helped put the information to memory. Overall I feel significantly more confident about being fire smart and safe. I’m sure I’ll be watching these over again in the future. Thank you!

  4. Robert Davis (verified owner)

    As a State Fire Marshall, it is great to know what I should be looking for, and what performers should know/have, to ensure safety at these types of performances!!

  5. Amanda Sampson (verified owner)

    This course was great, very informative and enjoyable. It is nice to have all the links in one place, so I can bookmark and refresh once in a while. I appreciated the delicacy (while giving no quarter) discussing aspects of fire/flow culture I have seen get lax or even ‘judgy’ of others’ risk aversion. These things do not help with cultural acceptance, especially by fire authorities. I’m EMS adjacent and would like liaisons to be mutually respectful, however the ‘intoxicated performer scenario’ is not just something Dr. Chen has seen, EMS/LEO’s see it too. 100% will be recommending!!!

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