10 Inspirational Mini Hoop Spinners

//10 Inspirational Mini Hoop Spinners

10 Inspirational Mini Hoop Spinners

Heya! I really enjoy mini hoops and through the time I’ve spent with them i’ve found loads of inspirations, some we all love and some we’ve yet to find. These are some seriously creative and innovative minds that deserve the spotlight on their works! So looking outside of  popularity or technicality I wanted to share 10 Mini Hoopers who with their manipulation and uniqueness have truly inspired an artform.


  1. Alvin Lopez


Located in the Philippines and even attended FireDrums this year! Alvin,  has innovated loads of triple mini hoop technique and is constantly looking outside the box. Pushing his manipulations to the next level, every video is way ahead of its time. Thank you Alvin for sharing!

  1. Yorgos Serafeimidis

Located in Greece, Yorgos is a highly skilled manipulator with a unique and captivating approach to mini hoops. Utilizing space, planes and just overall cleanliness, Yorgos is truly breathtaking.

  1. Maiki Nope

Located in California although we haven’t seen a recent video from Maiki in quite sometime, his works continue to push a more technical approach to mini hoops. Maiki is usually in attendance of Hoop Camp teaching mini hoop workshops and also is a contributor to the Vulcan Tech Gospel.

  1. Dustin Hubel

Located in North Carolina, Dustin Hubel has participated in the flow arts community for many years. Known for the fluidity and uniqueness of his manipulations. He is a seriously magical human.

  1. Kyle Johnson

Located in California, Featured on the list of “Top 40 Jugglers Of The Year” three times and voted “Most Inspirational Juggler”. Kyle brings new meat to the table with his background in juggling and contact which notably inspires his mini hoop style.

  1. Zeph Robinson

Located in New Zealand Zeph or “ Jeff Hoop Hooligan” has flipped the mini hoop world upside down with his bright and vibrant style. Apart of a mini hoop duo called the “ Hoop Hooligans”  with his partner Rewi Bracey, where they have performed with a variety of acts and at events such as MOPs and Hoop Camp!

  1. Ryan Mellors

Located in Canada, Ryan Mellors has a certain trance about his crisp isolation hoop style and  performance presence. With a variety of videos over the years it is always a treat to see his new concepts and videos!

  1. Matthew “Poki” Mcorckle

Located in Washington, Poki embraces a dancey style combined with clean and innovative isolations. Matthew  is currently working in Germany performing in circus tent, called the Palazzo Dinner Theatre.  Visit if you can!

  1. Andre Hidalgo “Pilolip”

Located in France, Andre Hidalgo is a brilliant object manipulator not only as a solo artist, but also in a group called “Piryokopi”. With his troupe always pushing towards new ideas for object manipulation, it is to no surprise Andre is doing the same.

  1. Cassie Mckenney

Located in California, Cassie has been instructing and performing with mini hoops for years. Most recently diving into juggling and quickly picking up speed in her creative juggling style. Cassie is not only an awesome human, but is an individual who has donated a lot of her time towards the community and expanding her skills!


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