Squirrel says pay attention, here are 20 ways to be unprofessional

20 ways to be Unprofessional

Do these things to get fewer gigs and/or instructor spots

There are a few things that will ruin your professional career as a freelance artist quickly, do a few of these often, and you will run into some hot water.

  • Don’t follow through on your word
  • Cancel events last minute
  • Don’t have a safety when using fire
  • Don’t show up to scheduled workshops, performances or meetings
  • Don’t return emails
  • Don’t give any notice of lateness or cancellations
  • Use a lot of excuses
  • Show up late
  • Hide when work comes up and never help carry the load
  • Criticize in a condescending way without giving constructive feedback
  • Act like a diva by being pretentious, arrogant and self-centered
  • Complain about everything all the time, but don’t offer any solutions
  • Never compromise
  • Never see the point of view from another’s perspective
  • Insult others
  • Lie
  • Be unfriendly to strangers
  • Get frustrated when things aren’t your way
  • Act entitled

Douchery Dude says I do all 20 of these things to be unprofessional

Hopefully this list will act as a reminder for tactics to avoid. If you catch yourself doing them, stop! If you see a friend acting in this manner, politely point them to this article. Most of all, be kind to each other and remember that all business is based in people skills and relationship building. Be authentic.

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