Discoveries: Flow Shows San Francisco & NYC

//Discoveries: Flow Shows San Francisco & NYC

Discoveries: Flow Shows San Francisco & NYC

Khan Wong started the Flow Show in San Francisco in 2009 on his own to help establish and expand the flow arts as an artistic performance movement. After a few years, he teamed up with Shawn & Prisna from flowtoys and the non-profit, Fund the Flow Arts and have co-produced 7 Flow Shows since. After bringing Noel Yee on board around 4 years ago, they expanded into 2 additional cities: Chicago & New York City to continue the mission.

The shows have a pretty strict rule of no fire or glow in order to create a more professional dance and arts feel. The goal is to increase the recognition of flow arts in the dance and arts communities as a legitimate discipline through creating meaningful performances and a quality production. These shows pushes the performers to craft something of excellence and finesse. These shows transform everyone involved from the organizers, to the performers, and to the audience and create the opportunity for taking part in a large scale professional flow arts production.

The shows run 3 times over a weekend fueled by lovers and patrons of the community and several volunteers. Flow Show acts are the best in the country. Performers have several in depth steps and milestones to achieve months before the production. From video submissions, story creation and regular checkins, the performers are committed to the production.

Hopefully you’re excited and wondering when and where you can catch these high quality flow arts acts. Flow Show San Francisco is running this weekend, March 27, 28, and 29 of 2015 with tickets available here. Tickets are limited, so reserve them now. Below, view a sampler of performers and their profiles. A full list of performers can be found here.

Flow Show NYC is next weekend April 3rd, 4th, and 5th with tickets available here. Again, there are limited tickets available so reserve your seat.  You can find a full list of performers on their facebook page and videos on the website.

Expect Flow Show Chicago to be up and running sometime in November.

If you are interested in supporting the flow arts, but can’t make it to one of the shows, consider donating even $5 to help keep the shows running and performers compensated.

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Poppe hails from Bloomington, IN where she is an active member in the flow arts community through helping to organize local events, choreograph routines, perform, teach, and mentor. When she isn't spinning a prop or doing acrobatics, she does web design and development, social media, and content strategy. She hopes to use these skills to help elevate flow artists, the community, and the craft.

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