2015 FAI Instructor of the Year: Gail O’Brien!

/, Instructor of the Month/2015 FAI Instructor of the Year: Gail O’Brien!

2015 FAI Instructor of the Year: Gail O’Brien!

Congratulations to Gail O’Brien, from Ireland! With almost 700 votes, she claimed 1st place in our contest. She receives a ticket to all 6 FAI festivals! All the nominees deserve a congratulations. Each one is a pillar of excellence in the community.

Final Tally:

  1. Gail O’Brien 688
  2. Lux Luminous 617
  3. Kassandra Morrison 567 
  4. Ken Hill 333
  5. Krisstina Hawks 167
  6. Tyler Spades 108
  7. Katrina Gay 87
  8. Jonah DiGirolamo 82
  9. Becca Becker 82
  10. Andres Trevino 75
  11. Drex 69
  12. Doodle 65
  13. Carl Sparkz 64
  14. Cassie McKenney 61
  15. Memory Elena 59
  16. Casey Houle 58
  17. Willow Solow 57
  18. Morgan Goldberg 50
  19. Gina McGrath 47
  20. Joe Graff 46
  21. Ehrlich Ocampo 41
  22. Emily Perkulator 25
  23. Frank Fortney 20
  24. Charlie Faraday 14


More about Gail:

Taught at: Pacific Fire Gathering

What’s your secret power?

I’m a nerd and I love geeky tech moves.

When you aren’t a flow super hero, what is your Clark Kent alias?

CI teach kids circus workshops and sell hoops.

Additional Teaching: In Depth, Pirates retreat, Manchester Hoop Congress, Italian Hoop Connection, Brighton Flow Fest, MOPS

Facebook |www.hoopspin.co.uk

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