The 30 days of Flow Instagram challenge

The 30 days of Flow Instagram challenge


Here is a way to get a head start on your new year – join the community #30daysofflowchallenge! This was a blast last year, and I am so happy to be the online host, encouraging each one of you through your 30-day journey! If you miss the first day, don’t worry, join us anytime or do it on your own dates!

This is now a yearly tradition, and it has become the basis for all the new my peak-level work that I practice for the rest of the year. It’s seriously great stuff!

The benefits of completing the challenge include:

  • Getting into the habit of making daily training time
  • Learning 30 ideas
  • Getting re-inspired by the rest of the community
  • Keep contact with friends doing the same challenge & connecting online
  • Starting your new year off with a huge leap of progress in your flow
  • Personal satisfaction of completing a challenge

Get ready for the summer starting now! Seriously, this is a challenge, you’ll have up days, you’ll have down days, you’ll have days where you’re sick! Yet, we all get through it. 30 minutes isn’t too much, and it’s REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUSLY GOOD for you!

What you need to do is this:

Start January 2nd (because you’re resting on the 1st):

  1. Practice your prop of choice for at least 30 minutes daily
  2. Practice for 30 days straight! (January 2nd – January 31)
  3. Choose 1 new concept you played with each day (no matter how rough it looks!)
  4. Film it with your smartphone
  5. Upload a short clip to Instagram
  6. Tag the video #30daysofflow so we can follow how you are doing!

BONUS: If you complete all 30 days of flow, you can be entered into a Draw to win a few prizes!

  • FAI Bandana
  • Kinetic poi
  • Fire Safety Planning pamphlet
  • 2015 FAI magazine
  • FAI Coloring book

A first, second and 3rd place prize winners will be drawn at the beginning of February. Be sure to use the #30daysofflow tag to win!

YES! Let’s go!
I’ll see you January 2nd?

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