FAI Tutsdays: Dragon Staff Chi Roll to Jesus

//FAI Tutsdays: Dragon Staff Chi Roll to Jesus

FAI Tutsdays: Dragon Staff Chi Roll to Jesus

Krisstina Hawks from Ninja Pyrate brings us a breakdown of the Chi Roll to Jesus dragon staff move. Take the staff with your left hand and place it on your right shoulder letting it pendulum over your shoulders. Make sure to get your arms out of the way by tucking your hands into your side forming chicken wings of sorts.

Practice the Jesus by setting the staff on your right shoulder with the center point in view about chin length out of the corner of your eye. Spin to the left as you lift it over your head. Every time it goes over you, spin your body 180.

To do a Jesus from a Chi Roll, as it gets down your left hand, bring that side up to place it on your right shoulder as you are spinning into it.

Then drill, drill, drill. We hope to see some videos of you trying it :).

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