Noel Yee explains the history and uses of contact staff. Contact staff refers to spinning the staff without using the fingers or thumbs to grip the staff. Many of the modern contact staff techniques come from baton twirling community and the Chinese art of Fei-Cha. Contact Staff artists create remarkable visual effects since the staff movement seems so smooth and controlled thought the performers movements are subtle.

The weight, length, and the grip of your staff can make all the difference in your technique. Adding weights to the ends can also create a different experience. The longer your staff is, the slower your spinning will be. Having grip tape on the staff can really help improve your control of the staff and slowing down the movements.

Learning contact staff can seem challening, but with regular practice and a good staff, you will be contacting in no time. If you have anything else to add to the history and use of contact staff, please comment! #faidiscoveries