FAI Instructors of the Month: August 2016

Congratulations to JewelZ, and Mike Hayataka for being chosen as FAI’s Instructors of the month!


Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

I am originally from a small town here in Kansas called Stafford. At a place where sports were the main focus, I always felt out of place. After getting out into the world and realizing there are other weirdos such as myself, I began to grow into the person I am today. I currently live in Lawrence, Kansas. I teach yoga once a week at a beautiful studio here in town and also working out at a lake on the weekends. I find time for flow atleast once a day. I’d really love to help the flow community grow here by meeting up weekly and having workshops. My goal is to inspire, learn, and make a positive impact on this planet.

Julia Phillips by Jen Potters of Focused Artistry

What Are Some  Interesting Statistics or Unique Talents That You Have?

I won a hula hoop contest when I was 10, lol.

Julia Phillips 3

How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

I attended a small, intimate electronic music festival outside of Omaha, Nebraska. There, I discovered the hula hoop. 1 year later, I joined my friends at Kinetic Fire and changed my entire life. This was a complete game changer for me. Being surrounded by passionate artists inspired me to believe that I, too could be enthusiastic about my own art. Flow arts continue to transform my life.

Julia Phillips 2

What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

Hoop, Mini Hoops- 3 Years

Wand – 2 years

Fans – 2 years

Poi- 1 year

Double Staff – 2 months

Favorite to teach – Mini Hoops

Favorite to play with – Depends on the day

 Julia Phillips 1

Where Have You Taught And Where Will You Be Teaching?

Lovefest in the Midwest – Yoga class and Hula Hoop workshop

Wedding performances and other private party performances.

I held hula hoop classes for children in Lincoln Nebraska.

Midwest Pirate Festival – August 28-29. Omaha Nebraska, Fire Performance

Campfire 2016 – September 22-25. Harmony Park, Minnesota. Morning yoga classes and beginners mini hoops workshop.

Reniassance Festival – October 1-2 Des Moines, Iowa. Fire Performance.

Julia Phillips by Leo Hallak

Anything Else You Would Like to Mention?

The thing I love most about flow arts is that each individual is unique. We can inspire and learn from each other. There is no competition, only different styles. What a magical community to be a part of <3

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Mike Hayataka:

What Are Some  Interesting Statistics or Unique Talents That You Have?

I did aerial arts and partner acrobatics for 4 years before switching my main focus to object manipulation. Also, I can chest roll one of those gummy bracelets that everyone gets at festivals now.

Mike Hayataka by Tasha Oltman

How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

When I was in my early 20s I was overweight and began to look for activities which would be fun, challenging, and physically active. After saying yes to many new things I ended up break dancing for 2 years. In that time I pursued yoga to increase flexibility and one of the ladies in my class offered me a free hoop class to try it out. I did the first class, and the paid for the rest of the six weeks immediately. After that, it was 4+ hours a day of hooping by myself for 2 years. There were no videos at that time, so finding the 5 serious hoopers at a 20,000+ person music festival was very rewarding. After gaining some internet notability with my appearance on the 2013 Electric Forest Hoop Troupe, I had more opportunities to perform at festivals. I met Miss MichelleBell at Rootwire 2013 and she invited me to Hyperion music festival where I met the Chicago Fire Technicians. After that, I was stuck in the flow community. I had found the most supportive, fun, inspirational, and kind group of people. I thank the Chicago Fire Techs every day for this gift. Around the same time I graduated college and began substitute teaching to pay the bills. Over the next 4 years the combination of teaching in schools, starting a circus company with friends and teaching hoop classes, led me to the realization that I love to teach hoop, more than I love hooping. I had thought for 5 years that hooping was my favorite flow, but I now understand that teaching / explaining things to open minds is my favorite activity in the whole world. I am so grateful to FAI and all the flow festivals that allow me to engage in my favorite practice.

Mike Hayataka by Rebecca Humes Photography 2

What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

Hoops – 6 years – favorite to teach and play with (Specifically single hoop is my favorite, followed by 2 hoops, then 4 hoops)

Contact staff – 2 years

Dragon staff – 1 year

Juggling – clubs – 2 years balls – 1 year

Fans – 1.5 years

Double Staff – 2 years

Contact Ball – .5 year I think that’s it

Mike Hayataka by Rebecca Humes Photography 1

Where Have You Taught And Where Will You Be Teaching?

Flow Festival Teaching Experience: Texas Flow Fest (2016), FLAME (2016), MOPS (2016), Spin All The Things (2016), Monkey See Monkey Do (2016), The Spin Summit (2014, 2015, 2016), Kinetic Fire (2014, 2016), So Ill (2016), PlayThink (2016), Mountain Flow Fest (2016), Northwest Flow Fest (2016), Southern Lights (2016) NEFF (2016), Flow Camp (2015), Mo Flow (2015, 2016), FlowMotion (2014, 2015), Hyperion (2015), Northwest Flow Fest (2016), Campfire (2016), Hoop Castle (2016), Florida Flow Fest (2015), and FlowDown Fire Festival (2014, 2015)

Notable performances: Return to Roots Festival (2013), Electric Forest Festival (2013, 2014), Hyperion (2013, 2015) and Somerset Music Festival (2014) to name a few of the largest ones. He has hooped for major musical artists such as: Papadosio, Phuturprimitive, Shigeto, Dirtwire, The String Cheese Incident, Break Science, and Nhako to name a few.

Mike Hayataka by Don Searle Photography

Anything Else You Would Like To Mention?

This community is the best family I’ve ever known, and I intend to be involved as long as I possibly can. I love you all so much.

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Both Artists are available for Skype lessons. 🙂

Photo & Video Credits: 

Leo Hallak

Jen Potters of Focused Artistry

Tasha Oltman

Rebecca Humes Photography

Don Searle Photography

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