FAI Instructor of the Month: April 2016

Congratulations to Becca Becker, and Jonah DiGirolamo for becoming FAI’s Instructors of the month.


Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

Born in Lexington, Ky, I grew up playing in the woods and the creek. I spent much of my time alone, creating worlds and stories in my head. I started teaching my mom’s preschool classrooms when I was in 3rd grade. This continued until I was 16 years old, in that time I worked primarily with 2nd and 3rd graders. Seeing my mother struggle within the public school system made me realize that I wanted to teach but conventional schooling was not the path I wanted to take. Through my later teenage years I left the idea of wanting to teach behind but as I reached my 20’s my introduction to Flow Arts reawakened that desire. My continuing journey in the flow arts community,coupled with firewalk and laughter yoga facilitation have recently turned my interest towards helping others with anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. In the next few years I am looking forward to expanding my education in the field of mental health so as to better be able to help those around me.

What Are Some  Interesting Statistics or Unique Talents That You Have?

I have to date made, 5 jelly beans, 2 dollars, 5 rocks, uncountable high fives and a handful of skittles selling Nothing.

How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

In May of 2009 I was helping clean and build a burner community space when we hosted workshops from CA based double staff spinner Bliss Butterfly. At the time I did not spin, after the workshops Grimm Zimmer approached me and offered to teach me double staff. That evening Grimm taught me a sequence and I got the supplies for a set of practice staffs (2 easy up poles and 4 tennis balls). I practiced that 1 move for over a week and was hooked. From there I devoured every bit of information I could get my hands on as it pertained to spinning.

What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

Double Staff, 7 years experience

Triple Staff, 1 year-ish experience? I tried a bunch of times and never got into it and then Justin Widmar inspired the hell out of me last year, and I’m addicted.

I love to teach beginners with any prop. Seeing someone start to understand the flow arts is awesome regardless of the prop.

Triple staff is my favorite, yo.

Anything Else You Would Like To Mention?

I really like avocados.

Ways to Reach Jonah:


Becca Becker:

Tell Us A Little About Yourself.

I started out as a retail manager in a home decor store. Once Forged Creations was started, I knew that is where I wanted to be. We worked hard to make it happen, and I was finally able to quit my job and pursue a life in flow arts. And, I would be very happy making props for so many talented people for the rest of my life. And hopefully continue to grow the fan army!

How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

I started with glowstringing back in the 90’s. Stopped in the early 2000’s. It wasn’t until Jay and I came into contact with a friend in sideshow. He commissioned Jay to make him some custom fire eat torches. With more research into the community, and trying things out on our own, we fell in love.

What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

Contact staff, dragon staff, double staffs, levi wand, poi, clubs, fans. Favorite to teach and play with, FANS! Duh.

Ways To Reach Becca:                                                     



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