New! Regular Flow Arts Institute Programming

The Flow Arts Institute is proud to continue our mission and deliver quality Flow Arts News and related content programming to you.


Mondays content consists of a rotating schedule to keep things fresh for the first of the week. Every 1st Monday of the month, we will feature a select instructor to give you insight into what they have been up to with our Instructor of the Month. 2nd Mondays of the month will feature special FAI swag and festival wear as we ramp up for the season. Every 3rd Monday presents the video or pic of the month which we will take monthly submissions for.  The 4th Monday is a special treat with our very own Howard Chen going over fire safety.

Tutorial Tuesdays

Be prepared to get technical because each Tuesday will bring a new tutorial. The props will vary, but it’s always good to cross-train.

Discovery Wednesdays

Hump day deserves a little distraction and inspiration. Learn about various props and flow arts areas of discipline as well as different methods and ways practitioners fuel their growth and development.

Flow Arts Life Hacks

Thursdays will give insight into professional tips and tricks. Each week will will ask for submissions. If your hacks are chosen, we will publish them and give social media shout-outs.

Friday Festival Spotlights

Each Friday we will post upcoming news about one of our five festivals Flame Festival,  Kinetic Fire, FireDrumsCampfire, and Pacific Fire Gathering.

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  1. Nice job everyone! I like the new site and the schedule with its projected content is really a move in the right direction! 🙂 Awesome!!!

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