FAI Instructors of the Month: September 2016

Congratulations to Anni Küpper, and Derk Asaurus Archer for being chosen as FAI’s Instructors of the month!

Anni Küpper:

Anni is a young performer from Bonn who started juggling at the age of 14. After receiving her diploma from German secondary school she engaged herself in a social project in South America, where she worked as a volunteer – also teaching juggling to kids from the street and connecting to South American circus performers.

Back in Europe, she began a professional formation to become a circus artist at École de Cirque Zofy (Sion, CH).

Later on, she studied at the Academy for Circus and Performance Art (ACaPA, Tilburg – NL), where she specialised in club juggling and manipulation. She finished her studies in July 2013 with a Bachelor diploma.

Anni is a versatile performer. She developed a striking juggling style on a high technical level and stands out with her subtle performances, using conceptual ideas coming from Performance Art. On stage, she convinces as well with her theater, dance and musical skills.

Anni is performing her charming brand of artistic club juggling at events around the world from Europe to the USA, to Asia. Including elements of humour, storytelling, and elegance her shows are flawless demonstrations of high-skilled out-of-the-ordinary juggling!

On the side, Anni offers a range of different juggling technique workshops and stage coaching.


What Are Some  Interesting Statistics or Unique Talents That You Have?

I got selected as “Most inspirational juggler” at Humboldt Juggling Festival in Arcata (CA) in 2015


How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

I started juggling at the age of 14 at juggling club in school. My passion for object manipulation started growing with my first attendance at EJC. I discovered club manipulation a few years after that.

With the flow arts scene I got in touch in 2013 – thanks to Marvin Ong who first flew me over from Europe to perform and teach at his Festival “Master Ongs Flow Retreat ” (now “Manipulation”). Since then I travel between Europe and the USA – attending both juggling and flow arts festivals.


What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

clubs – since 13 years – my absolute favorite

balls – since 14 years (less intensive in the past 6 years or so)

a bit of contact juggling / poi / passing

My favorite workshops to teach are my creative research workshops which are open to all props.


Where Have You Taught and Performed And Where Will You Be Teaching?

I have taught or performed at:

March/ April / May: Tour of long show “KUNST_STÜCKE : circus in 3 chapters” through theaters in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

April 14-17: Opening Gala of art fair – Thun, Switzerland – performance of “Paganini”

April 22: Donnerwetter Varieté – Forchheim, Germany – performance of “Paganini”

May 27-28: Circusdagen – Brussels, Belgium – performance of “Paganini” and “La Máquina”

June 5-12: Bornfire Festival – Singapore – Workshops and performance of “Paganini”

June 13-17: Lannesdorf primary school – kids’ circus workshops

June 18: Zonglobalisazce – Pilsen, Czech Republic – workshop and performance of “Take Wing”

June 23-25: Zirkus- und Artistikzentrum – Köln, Germany – workshop

July 2: University Ball – Bonn, Germany – walking act

July 5-6: Elisabeth-von-Thüringen high school – Köln, Germany – circus workshops

July 9: Allerweltsvarieté – Autonomous Centre, Köln, Germany – organisation/creation/performance of site specific circus performance

July 11-22 – Kinderstadt Kattwinkelsche Fabrik – Wermelskirchen, Germany – circus workshops

July 23: Tohuwabohu Festival – Norderstedt, Germany – performance of “La Máquina”

July 30 – August 7: EJC – Netherlands – workshop “basic club manipulations”, interview on EJC-TV

August 27: School inauguration – Germany – performance of “La Máquina”

August 30-31: Berlin Circus Festival – performance of 30-minutes show “Tales of mere existence”

August 5-6: Art Fair Performance – Paderborn, Germany – performance with duo CHIMERA

September 15-18: Pacific Fire Gathering – Oregon, USA – workshop and performance of “Paganini” and new creation

I will be Teaching or Performing at:

September 30 – October 2: Portland Juggling Festival – Oregon, USA – workshops “basic club manipulations” + “multiplexes with clubs”, performance of “Take Wing”

November 18 – December 23: Stille Kracht Varieté – Winterthur, Switzerland – performances

March 9, 2017: KUNST_STÜCKE – Thun, Switzerland – performance

March 10-11, 2017: Krönung – Thun Switzerland – performance of “Paganini”

April 5-9, 2017: BJC


Anything Else You Would Like to Mention?

I was surprised to see that in the USA the juggling scene and flow arts scene are two separate things! From EJC I am used to see the mixture of both. However, I experienced American Flow Art Festivals as events with a very particular atmosphere and vibe! My favorite so far was Pacific Fire Gathering. Apart from a beautiful setting in nature it offered a training space which is available 24h/day – for me as somebody who is not a fire enthusiast this is where the magic happens.

For more follow Anni on her Facebook and check out her website: http://www.anni-juggling.de

Derk Asaurus Archer:


Derk comes from a valley called La Grande in Eastern Oregon and he moved to Portland Metro Area at a young age. Right now he is currently working any gig he can find in an attempt to avoid getting another desk job. He dreams of being a performer and teacher and hopes to bring his show and skills on the road.

What Are Some  Interesting Statistics or Unique Talents That You Have?

I competitively played dance games such as DDR and Pump It Up for about 8 years until I found flow. Does that count?


How Did You Come Into Flow Arts?

When I was about 19 I moved into a house of hippies. One played with poi and we all got so obsessed and all started playing at the same time. Eventually I got a “real job” and moved away from all of them. Lost my flow until about 4 years ago when my brother picked it up. We then played and held space for others until a jam called Fire Friday happened. That rush of inspiration and suddenly having so many flowmies changed my life forever.


What Props Do You Use And What Props Are Your Favorite?

Poi (8 years, not my strong suit)

Puppyhammer (2 year, love it.)

One Hoop (3 years, not seriously til March 2015)

Multiple Hoops (Since March 2015, best prop ever)

Spinning Plate (2 years Favorite to teach as everyone gets addicted)

Squeakers (2 years)


Where Have You Taught And Where Will You Be Teaching?

Gogo at Bearracuda Portland (Performance, January 16th. March 12th. Club Euphoria)

Gogo at Blow Pony Portland (Performance, Monthly event, Club Euphoria, Bossanova Ballroom)

Superstar Diva’s Megashow (Performance, March 6th, CC Slaughters Nightclub)

New Works Showcase (Performance, June 6th. September 2nd, Funhouse Lounge)

Saturday Market Portland (Busking. Many Saturdays. Portland Waterfront)

Multnomah Falls (Busking Many Days)

Oregon Country Fair (MC/Fire Circle Host/Performance, Darling Reunion, July)

Pacific Fire Gathering (Workshops, Squeaker Tech and 2 Hoops One Hand, September, Camp Meriwether)

Frisky Whisker (October 27th, StagPDX, Performance)

Blow Pony (Gogo, Every Month, Bossanova Ballroom)

Bearracuda (LED Gogo, Oct 8th, Bossanova Ballroom)

Bearracuda (Fire Performance, Nov 12th, Bossanova Ballroom)

Two Hoop One Hand (Workshop, Oct 12th, Portland Metro Arts)


Anything Else You Would Like To Mention?

My whole life I’ve never fit in. Been made fun of for acne until high school. Then made fun of because I was gay and then later kicked out of my home for the same reason in high school. Had to make my own family. Tried to fit into the gay world, as flamboyance, glitter and colors are totally my thing. Still didn’t quite fit into that box either. AND THEN I FOUND THE FLOW COMMUNITY. You all have everything I’ve ever dreamed of. Colors, dancing and FLAMEboyancy for sure. I’ve always dreamed of a circus filled life, but I never imagined it quite like this. Right now, in this moment, this is the happiest I’ve ever been and I cherish each and everyone of you so much.

For more follow Derk on Facebook and on Instagram.

Both Derk and Anni offer lessons via Skype if asked. 🙂


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Jeremy Running Photography

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