FAI Tutsdays | Mik Phil – Prayer Snapback

Flow festival season is officially in full swing!

Did you make it FLAME, FireDrums, or Kinetic?

Who’s on their way to Fahrenheit?

In preparation for the rest of the season, why don’t we check out a Tutsday?

Initiate TUTSDAY tutorials!

Mik Phil is here to show us a snapback rewinds or prayer snapbacks with a Dragonstaff from FLAME 2017.

Mik is an Arkansas native with a passion for Dragonstaff, Contact Staff, Poi, And Fire Performance. He has done many professional performances with Arkansas Circus Arts and most recently relocated to Nashville, TN where he performs with Beyond Wings! In addition to performing, Mik has a special gift for teaching flow arts and has traveled the country teaching at festivals and flow gatherings!

You can follow Mik Phil on Instagram! @mikphilperformance

There are couple prerequisites to this trick. You need to comfortable with prayers, snapbacks, and arm rolls.

Start this trick by practicing arm rolls in a continuous and same direction.

Next, you do the snapback (a type of trap), which changes the direction of your dragon.

You will have two points of contact: momentum and a stabilizer. The most important tip to this trick is to have the center point of your dragon aligned with the center of your forearm as the stabilizer. If you start from this position, use the momentum from the outside of the hand and push your elbow upwards.

Let’s combine it all together!

Begin with your arm rolls.
Then add in a prayer

Lastly, throw in those snapbacks!

Show us your prayer snapbacks!  We would love to see it!  Create an Instagram or Facebook video and tag @flowartsintitute and hashtag #tutsday.


Megan Huizel  

Video and edit by Moxie Watts

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