Tutsdays: Spin Fans like a Dragon

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Tutsdays: Spin Fans like a Dragon

Greetings flowmies!  It is time, yet again, for the Flow Arts Institute’s weekly tutorial series, Tutsday!2015-08-11_1424

This week, we have the incredible fan twirling extraordinaire, Corey White teaching us how to roll a Fan like a Dragon Staff.  The Dragon Staff tamers out there will be familiar with this.  That’s right!  This is a Chi Roll.

For those of you who are not familiar, let’s break it down.

1.  Hold the outer wicks in your hands, palms up.

2. Roll the fan back at your chest and stop it when it reaches the top of your arms.  

3.  Reverse direction to get the fan to roll all the way down your arms across the back of your hands.

4.  When the fan gets to your fingertips, lift your arms back up and let the fan roll down your palms followed by the rest of the arms.

5.  When the fan gets to the back of your hands, let the fan roll over your fingertips and into your hands.

Ta-da! Easy enough.  That is all for this week folks!  Time to go practice! See ya next time!


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Matthew Sosticky or Sticky has been performing and instructing for the past 9 years. He is part owner of Resplendent Flames from Virginia Beach, VA. He specializes in double staff but has been known to spin poi, staff, or fans on occasion.

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