10 Tips for Flow Festival Success

Whether it’s your first festival, or you’re a seasoned fest-head. This list is a good reminder and checklist in order to prepare you and your body for the event. This is not an all inclusive list, but some helpful reminders to ease the entry process. With FLAME kicking off FAI’s season next week, we thought that you might enjoy these tips. Please feel free to share any of your festival hacks with the community, too.

  1. Look at the Schedule before you get to the festival. Write down your desired classes you want to attend and check the skill level required. This means bringing a writing utensil, notebook, and a watch.
  2. Get there early to find a good campsite so you can take time to find a camp suitable to you. If you love the wild nightlife and don’t care about not getting much sleep, it’s best to be out in the open and where everyone seems to be. If you prefer a quiet campsite, try to find a closed off field. It is nice to camp with or near friends
  3. Make sure you bring the right equipment. Rain boots, poncho, layerable clothes, clothes to spin fire in, FOOD and snacks, water & water bottles, first aid kit, CASH, props, portable battery charger for electronic devices, waterproof bag for said electronics,notebook for staying in touch with new friends, etc.
  4. Practice now. Flow fests are hard on your body. It’s kind of like training for a flow marathon.
  5. Know how you’re going to cart around your props. You don’t want to show up to a class without the right tools but don’t want to look like a fool dropping your props all over the place.
  6. Keep your money safe, maybe with a fancy holster?
  7. Bring toilet paper (with plastic bag), hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and a headlamp for your daily duties.
  8. Bring Sunscreen and wear it!
  9. Pace yourself and know your limits. There are so many awesome things happening all at once, but it’s ok to take a chill pill to sit down, chat, make new friends, etc.
  10. Leave the outside world behind and explore the co-created magic of the festival.

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