Festival Spotlight: FLAME

So, you’re ready to get the season started? Want to take instruction from amazing instructors? Want to be immersed amongst some of the best spinners in the country? Then come to FLAME April 9th – 12th. We have new hoodies available as you can see below.



Full schedule can be found here. Instructors are as follows:

  • Marvin Ong
  • Chris Kelly
  • Lux Luminous
  • Tyler Spades
  • Valentina
  • Doodle
  • Corey White
  • Matthew SoSticky
  • Anni Kupper
  • Alex Branham
  • Knight
  • Willow Solow
  • Christina Berkshire
  • Gonzo
  • Casey Houle
  • Jonah DiGirolamo
  • Cosmic Greg Lee
  • Jandro Nerdo
  • Flo Fox
  • Sennyo Senn
  • Kimberly Bucki
  • Melissa Coffey
  • Perkulator
  • Becca Becker
  • Brian Thompson
  • Cassie
  • Corey Glover
  • Drex
  • Echo
  • Eli Harrod
  • Kassandra Morrison
  • Kyle Owen/Gib
  • Nick Garcia
  • Ninja Pyrate
  • Spidey
  • Spinnabel Lee
  • Tesla
  • Timbo Slice
  • Tali Penelope Tate
  • Patricia Farmer
  • Jacob Wetzel
  • Carl Sparks

Stay up to date by following their facebook page and get ready to get your game face on! Get your tickets now. You can browse our line of festival gear to snazz up your look

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