Flow Arts Life Hacks: Fire Spinning Tips

//Flow Arts Life Hacks: Fire Spinning Tips

Flow Arts Life Hacks: Fire Spinning Tips


  • Use a smaller paint can for your fuel with a lid for less waste and portability
  • Always wipe your wicks off with a duvetyne for cleanliness and a longer life
  • 50/50 (white gas & kerosene) will give you a brighter burn with less smoke
  • Cut out the toes of long cotton socks for quick/cheap arm protectors (unless you like the smell of your burnt arm hair)
  • pour a fuel can sideways to minimize drips and improved handles
  • use a caribeener to clip your poi together and onto a bag.
  • Use plastic bags to spin off fuel in a small space where fuel can’t get everywhere.
  • Use plastic bags to slow fuel from evaporating at a gig (plastic with fuel will not last long)
  • recycle old fuel cans to use as flower pots or watering cans
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Poppe hails from Bloomington, IN where she is an active member in the flow arts community through helping to organize local events, choreograph routines, perform, teach, and mentor. When she isn't spinning a prop or doing acrobatics, she does web design and development, social media, and content strategy. She hopes to use these skills to help elevate flow artists, the community, and the craft.


  1. Chris February 5, 2015 at 9:33 pm - Reply

    Don’t forget about dampening hair. Not a concern myself, (short haired), but I’d imagine a spray bottle could be a curly lock saving hero.

    • Poppe Tsunami February 16, 2015 at 8:20 am - Reply

      That’s a good one! Thanks for the additional tip 🙂

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