Flow Arts Life Hacks: Fire Spinning Tips


  • Use a smaller paint can for your fuel with a lid for less waste and portability
  • Always wipe your wicks off with a duvetyne for cleanliness and a longer life
  • 50/50 (white gas & kerosene) will give you a brighter burn with less smoke
  • Cut out the toes of long cotton socks for quick/cheap arm protectors (unless you like the smell of your burnt arm hair)
  • pour a fuel can sideways to minimize drips and improved handles
  • use a caribeener to clip your poi together and onto a bag.
  • Use plastic bags to spin off fuel in a small space where fuel can’t get everywhere.
  • Use plastic bags to slow fuel from evaporating at a gig (plastic with fuel will not last long)
  • recycle old fuel cans to use as flower pots or watering cans

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  1. Don’t forget about dampening hair. Not a concern myself, (short haired), but I’d imagine a spray bottle could be a curly lock saving hero.

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