Discoveries: The Floasis Community Center NYC

//Discoveries: The Floasis Community Center NYC

Discoveries: The Floasis Community Center NYC

If you haven’t heard of the Floasis in NYC, then you are in for a fantastic treat. Since 2011, this community center has been providing a legal space for spinners to come together, skill and knowledge share, plus live and work. Tara McManus is a co-founder of this space and currently manages it with Lydia Darling. Together, they’ve brought the Floasis in under a non-profit umbrella to be officially recognized as a dance space and continue to expand the space to support more traveling artists and residential artists.

New York City is one of the hardest places to be a Flow Artist. Many people will spin in parks or on rooftops which leads to tickets including court time. The Floasis provides a space for all to come. With regular classes, workshops, jams, and prop-markets, there is something for every spinner here. Cross pollination is integral to their development as well. They host yoga and martial arts workshops and hope to include more formal dance and acting as well. Before the space was cultivated, there was little knowledge sharing and distinct rivalries between groups. The Floasis acts as a gathering place for all to bridge these communities and act as a cultivation space for the Flow Arts.

To continue to build this sustainable model for a Flow Arts community center, they need your help in order to expand their dance space both indoors and outdoors. Part of the expansion includes hiring a front desk manager so that people will be able to purchase props during regular business hours and classes. The Floasis is a model to study and support in order to help our community grow.

This weekend, they are having a mermaid dance party as a part of their kickstarter project. In addition to this, they are offering several props, accessories, and private classes (including Skype options) from people like Dustin Hubel, Tara McManus, Frank Hatsis, and more! Show your support today!

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