The Flow Show Chicago is one of three Flow Shows nationwide; it is a celebration of flow arts through object manipulation – think hoops, poi, fans, expressive and impressive dance and motion using props. The Flow Show Chicago celebrates the diverse and wonderful community of performers throughout the midwest, and promotes the artistic and professional development of flow artists across the region. Use discount cod SOEXCITED for $5 off your GA ticket.

Friday Nov 13 7pm:

Saturday Nov 14, 3PM:

Saturday Nov 14, 7PM:

Loki Averro

His combination of technical mastery and style is second to none. Loki Averro is a teacher and flow artist, from Chicago, IL, with a passion for martial arts and circus. He specializes in manipulating the Rope Dart, but loves spinning ALL of the Things.

Mike Smith (Doodle)

This man is humble and poised.  Hailing from Ohio, and an 8 year spinner, this man has a passion for the flow arts and continues to take fan manipulation to boundary exceeding levels daily.

Andera Mattson (Gaea Lady)

Another Chicago local and a member of Pyrotecniq. With so many specialties, including delicious food, Gaea Lady is sure to inspire and awe with her magical heavy silks.

Danielle Iorfida

Selected for her interest in combining more acrobatic skills with contact poi, which is something the powers that be are incredibly interested in seeing expanded. She will be making her Flow Show debut this weekend, and we hope to see more of her.

Katrina Gay

From Louisville, Kat demonstrates mastery, composition, and style with fans that inspires any who meet her.

Ebonie Quint

Chosen for her boundless joy and professionalism, she demonstrates mastery of the hoop and incorporates her yoga practice into her prop practice.

Emily Perkins (Perkulator)

No stranger to the Flow Show, this Chicago native rocks out with the multi-hoops. She’s dedicated to quality performance and brings a fun level of professionalism to the stage.

Jacquie Imhoff

Another Chicagoan rocks the stage. This seasoned performer draws deep into her emotional well and exposes her inner self on the stage.

Jess Spiral

Hailing from Indianapolis and performing with Rodmeow, She brings fan tech to another level.

Alexandra Rodmeow

Hailing from Indianapolis and performing with Jess Spiral, Their dual act will be funky fresh!

Jonah DiGirolmao

Not only is Jonah masterful with many props and practices multi-staff balance and juggling, he leads laughter yoga and firewalks around the nation.

Mik Phil & Kyle Owen

These goofy prop masters are coming to you from Arkansas and plan to deliver an entertaining show.

Zofia Zephyr

From Minnesota, this lady is a technical beast with style and grace. Not only is she an amazing wanderer, but she dabbles in robotics, electronics, and various other amazing things. We’re excited to see more from her.


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Friday Nov 13 7pm:

Saturday Nov 14, 3PM:

Saturday Nov 14, 7PM: