HUMANS of Flow Arts | Gonzo

We are happy to introduce our new series to you from ColorFLOW, called Humans of Flow Arts. We will be featuring a new flow artist weekly and diving into what drives them as artists.


Gonzo is known by many throughout the flow arts community as the dragon staffer whose flow is a fluid and bubbly reflection of the vibes he gives off in person and is originally from Northwest Indiana, just South of Chicago. Prior to joining the flow arts community, Gonzo was at a point in his life where he felt he was in search of his own personal drive. Through the help of a friend who is already a flow artist, Gonzo was able to find a sense of purpose as an inspirational artist and excellent instructor. Now he attends flow festivals where he plays, burns perform and teach people how to manipulate objects

The main drive for Gonzo to continue going to flow arts festivals and being involved with the flow arts community is his love of giving other individuals the opportunity to create without limits and to help them understand that it doesn’t matter where you are from and whether or not you think you have talent, you can simply do whatever you put your mind to.

You can follow Gonzo’s flow on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram .

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