HUMANS of Flow Arts | Jonah Digirolamo

Known as the other half of Team Struggles is Jonah Digirolamo . Currently a resident of  Cincinnati Ohio, Jonah hails from Lexington Kentucky, having spent his life split living between the two states.His first exposure to the flow arts came through the Burning Man Community while he was attending a double staff workshop hosted by Bliss Butterfly -a West coast double staffer. At the time he wasn’t spinning yet and simply sat in the back of the workshop to simply observe. Afterwards he would check out the staves, approaching them without really interacting.


This changed when Grimm zimmer approached Jonah offering to teach him something to which Jonah said “sure alright” As was the case for many of us in the Flow Arts community, Grimm taught Jonah a move, he went back home and practiced it for a week or two and from there  Jonah started devouring everything he could learn about flow. That first move  is still imprinted in  Jonah’s brain and he still shows it to other people.


Jonah’s reasons for being part of the flow arts community have changed over the years. At this present moment in time, it is primarily to help beginners, and to really share in been  meditative and personal side of having a flow arts practice. For several  years Jonah’s been quite immersed in the technical aspects of flow arts, and I still considers this to be the case. The difference is that he doesn’t spend as much time on the minutia as he did at one point. He’s also become really passionate about juggling right now which in a lot of ways is like starting over again like we did with sticks  and that is part of what has attracted him to it.  






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