HUMANS of Flow Arts | Lux Luminous

The levi-wander known as Lux Luminous is a long time resident of Boston Massachusett. This classy lass is beloved by the Flow Community for all that she does and embodies. From innovative contact wand flow, to being the Director of the New England Flow Fest, more commonly known as NEFF.


Lux first experienced what it meant to flow with props in high school when her boyfriend at the time suggested she try them out. The first prop Lux messed with before she really developed her levi-wand style were hoops. In the early days, Lux never thought she’d find a prop with which she’d find such a connection  so well with as an extension of herself .


Lux’s reason for being so engaged and entwined with the Flow Arts Community is because of how it’s filled her with such love and how much like her family it’s become. She wants to do everything in her power to help facilitate their happiness as well and is very well on track to doing that. It’s through community events like NEFF that Lux is able to get people together to help share and spread the love of object manipulation.


Flow Arts has changed Lux’s approach to life in the sense that she pretty much just dances through everything: work, grocery shopping in the car. If she not in motion then she she just ain’t happy!





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