Kinetic Fire 1st annual Championship Games, 3 FlowShows and more

We did an interview with Pyrus, the General Manager for Kinetic Fire to get an insider’s view of what to expect with this year’s Kinetic Fire. Pyrus was one of the leading forces behind the creation and development of Kinetic Fire. He’s been involved since the beginning of it’s inception. After discovering the Flow Arts community 8 years ago through Campfire, he fell head over heels for the practice. There weren’t many other people actively meeting in those days and he felt driven towards community building.

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How did Kinetic get started?

It all began with his first festival experience at Campfire around 8 years ago. The flow  festival provided a new and exciting experience to connect with people through movement and learning in a way that music festivals couldn’t do. People come for a purpose, whether it’s to teach, learn, progress the arts, or connect with other flow geeks. Concerts are fun, but he found this path exciting to explore. He co-created weekly spin jams to invite other people to come play together in solidarity versus solitarily. Creating the awareness of the craft and building the community was key in the development of Kinetic Fire.

Exuro and Ace went to WildFire 7 years ago and met Noel which is when the first discussion of a Midwestern Fire & Flow Arts Festival really began. Before Kinetic, there weren’t really many options and the level of passion for the Flow Arts in the MidWest begged for an outlet.

How has Kinetic Changed over the Years?

This year, 2015, is Kinetic Fire’s 5th year in existence. With each year comes new experiments and lessons in event planning and management. It’s not easy, but it’s worth itto provide this outlet for the MidWest. The organizing team listens to the attendees and each year is a little different to help provide the best experience possible.

What can people expect this year?

This year, there will be 2 full production performance showcases. This provides people with two opportunities to see the fabulous performers and appreciate their work. In addition to these, there will be an official Fire Show with performers being sampled from the instructors. Expect to see quality productions from Armin Taeschner, Johny Douglas, Linda Farks, Twisted Orbit, and many more.

What about these, “Championship Games”?

This is something that FireDrums has done for a number of years, but this will be Kinetic’s first time doing the games. Many games will be silly, but some are skill based to challenge attendees to set records and spur some friendly competition in the years to come. Want to keep track of things, but also engage more directly with attendees in a gameplay arena versus through solely the workshops.

Kinetic Fire VI is May 14-17, 2015. Get your tickets so you can join the party.

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