Tutsday – 3/22/2016 – Juggling – Jared Janssen – Fake One Up Two Up

Why hello again!

We are back with another awesome tutorial out of the archives of the Flow Arts Institute.

This week, we have Jared Janssen, AKA Jared the Juggler, with a fairly basic 3 ball juggling trick called the “Fake One Up, Two Up”.

The Fake One up, Two Up relies heavily on being able to juggle 2 balls in one hand. Work on this by itself to start your training.

Once you are comfortable with juggling two balls in one hand, take the remaining ball in your free hand (read: the one not juggling), and trace a line up and down, staying in time with the outer ball.  This creates the desired “One Up, Two Up” effect.

Make sure to drill this on both sides to establish/maintain ambidexterity.

The “free” hand is literally free to do whatever doesn’t stop you from catching the 2 balls that you are actually juggling.  Obvious Secret –  This is a huge invitation to be creative.

I hope that you take that invitation.

That is all for this week.

I thank you for your time and attention.


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