Tutsdays: Double Staff CAP Variation

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Hey there folks!  
It is time again for Tutsday, brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute!  

This week we have a tutorial from my good friend, Jonah DiGirolamo.  Jonah is a part of Team Struggle, part of the Kinetic Fire Organizer team, as well as one of my favorite stick wavers.  Our film crew caught up with him at Kinetic Fire 2015, where he gave this on the spot tutorial for a double staff move taught to him by Richard Nonsense.

Here we go.

This is a variation on a Continuous Assembly Pattern or CAP.   For contrast, Jonah demonstrates the variation on the CAP and then the traditional CAP.  This is where the staff will do ½ of a 4 Petal Antispin Flower followed by ½ of  a Isolation.  There are many variations on this particular technique but let’s focus on this one for now.

This variation can be a bit skill intensive but diligent practice will have you exploring this in no time. The idea here is to complete your CAP with both ¼ of 4 Petal Antispin and ¼ of an Isolation with each hand, while alternating which hand is on top of the pattern.  

The result is an interesting wick (end) matching technique that could really push your flow or performance to the next level.  

Let’s work on one side of the pattern for now.

Start with both of your thumbs up, one hand over the other, in a wheel plane stance.  
Take your center wicks and push out ¼ of an Antispin and stop at the horizontal.
From here, Isolate from the wicks that are closest to your chest, while putting the hand that was on the bottom, on top and vice versa.
You should have your opposite hand on top of the pattern with both of your thumbs up.
If you do not, please start over.

From here, you do the same thing as before,  take your center wicks and push out ¼ of an Antispin and stop at the horizontal.
Again, like before, the next step is to Isolate the wicks closest to your chest until you reach the vertical, thumbs up position.
If you followed the pattern, your hands should be back in the original position.
Now, to take this a step further.

Turning with this pattern is as simple as choosing to Antispin the other way.
Your hands are at a vertical, thumbs up position  that should leave you able to freely move in either direction.  Get comfortable completing the pattern on either side of your body and when you are ready, you can easily mix and match both sides.

Thanks again to Jonah DiGirolamo for the tutorial!  He will be teaching at Flow Camp, Mo Flow Festival,  and Flow Down this fall.  Follow him on Instagram @team_struggles

Thanks guys!  See ya next week!


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