FAI Festival Spotlight: Kinetic Fire

Kinetic Fire will be taking place  this year from May 14 to May 17 at Hannon’s Camp America just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. This festival is the biggest flow fest in the country with roughly 800 attendees, and they have a killer lineup this year with more to be announced. It’s uniquely positioned in the Midwest to be accessible by a variety of folks.

This year, they are flying in Linda Farkas from Hungary of Magma Fire Theater! Kinetic Fire will be her only stop in the US for 2015, so it is a great treat to be able to host one of the finest contact staff and fire artists on the planet. She has built her reputation on producing stunning theatrical fire shows that combines extravagant costumes, pure raw talent, and innovative fire prop designs. She truly is one of the community’s innovators.

Kinetic fire has also announced the option for anyone to teach a renegade class. More details can be found on their facebook page.

Tickets are on sale now for this year’s festival. We sure hope you join us!

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