Knee Pain; Can it be avoided?


What does the knee do?

    We use them on a daily basis, but how much do you really know about all the work your knees are doing for you? The knee is a major hinge point in our body, which means the work it is doing is to help promote mobility. Specifically, it helps the movement of the thighs and the calves. The knee helps promote mobility by flexing and straightening. It is when things hyperextend, or go beyond the normal range of motion, that pain or injury is most likely to occur. Any forceful twisting places unnecessary strain on the tissue around the knee.


Don’t be obtuse

    When it comes to moves such as lunges or similar movement, be cautious to not over extend your knee. Proper knee posture in these moves involves not moving the knee past the 90-degree angle, with the knee directly over your foot. By hyperextending the knee over the foot, it is significantly increasing the likelihood of something being pulled in a way it is not supposed to be pulled. One of the main reasons cited for knee injury is improper movement technique. Knowing your body’s correct range of motion can help


Stretch it out

        One of the other major contributors to knee damage is a lack of flexibility. This can be addressed by properly stretching the muscles your knee works with. Stretches which would impact the knee can be ones targeting the hips, hamstrings, and calf muscles. The tightness in the hips or hamstrings can put extra pressure on the knee. Make sure when you are stretching, use proper form and stop if you encounter pain. Stretching should be a way to warm up your body, not cause it strain.

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