Tutsday – Lady Aetheria – Spinny Perch – Leviwand

Spring is just around the corner. I can almost smell the fresh air, warm rain, and flowering trees, almost. The Midwest can trick you like that.

My name is Megan Huizel, and this is my first time blogging for FAI’s Tutsday series. Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself; I’m a social media strategist and photographer from Minneapolis, MN. I am returning for my 3rd year as an organizer for CampFire and starting work with Kinetic Fire and FAI Media this year. I also like to play with hoops. Go figure. 😉

Anyway, on to business.

This week, we are featuring Lady Aetheria.

Aetheria is an extraordinary leviwand artist who has been involved in the flow arts scene since 2008. She began as a photographer and has since evolved into an artist of many stripes. She’s been teaching leviwand for three years and is an organizer for both Pacific Fire Gathering and Northwest Flow Fest. Aetheria lives in Seattle and is one of the organizers for Spinurn, which is a space for spinners to learn and practice in a safe environment. She’s also one of FAI’s safety instructors and founding member of the Seattle Fire Arts Alliance, where she works with the city promoting safe fire arts education.

Aetheria is showing off a trick, that she taught at PFG, called the “Spinny Perch”.

Are you ready?

To begin, grab your wand in the middle when your string is caught up.
This next step is an important one. Aetheria asks you to toss the wand downwards while *spinning the wand away from you*.
While the wand is spinning, try to bring your arm up with the string, while catching the wand with your free hand.

A variation of this trick is to bring the perch behind you. Again, *spin the wand away from you*. Instead of bringing your arm upwards, twist your arm with the wand behind your back. Try to catch the wand with the inside of your opposite elbow. From there, you can finish the trick by adding some dance or contact moves.

You got it!

Check out more of Lady Aetheria on Instagram and Youtube.
Instagram: @ladyaetheria

Thanks to you, dear reader, for checking out this week’s Tutsday and to Lady Aetheria, for teaching us this sweet leviwand trick.

I’d also like to give a special thank you to Emily Bradley aka Moxie Watts for the video and editing.

Flow on my friends,
– Megan

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