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On the last day of Kinetic Fire, I was able to connect with Teddy. Ninja Pyrate had ever so graciously set up a coffee and water tent for public use, so we nestled in there for our interview. Teddy is an 11 year spinning veteran having started with poi, but expanded to contact staff, clubs, and acro-staff. The only thing he’s done as long as the Flow Arts is photography which led him to find a natural project in Momentum. Together with Drex, they decided that the Flow Arts needed a publicly accessible stage for the best of the best of Flow Arts in a digestible dvd form unlike the Flow Show which is geared for live performances.

Momentum is a curated collection of, in many cases, never before seen footage and tutorials specially crafted for the project that gives this media a unique perspective and voice from the artists included.

After a successful Kickstarter project, Teddy and the Momentum crew were able to get the right gear to film on the road and traveled the country capturing the best Flow Artists of our day. Meant to feature some heavy hitters as well as lesser known artists, this hopefully isn’t the last we see of the Momentum project. Astonishingly, from start to finish, the project took less than half a year to complete! Talk about dedication and skills.

If interested, please buy a dvd for $30 from Teddy or Lux Luminous. All artists involved get a percentage of the sales forever. While the online ordering is about 2 weeks out, you can find them out and about this season or email This truly is a project created for artists and enthusiasts, by artists. Help spread the love and get your copy of Momentum today.

Artists included: