October Instructors of the Month: Kassandra Morrison & Erlich Ocampo

//October Instructors of the Month: Kassandra Morrison & Erlich Ocampo

October Instructors of the Month: Kassandra Morrison & Erlich Ocampo

Kassandra Morrison


Kassandra Morrison is from a small arts community in Akron, OH. With her background in dance, music and art she offers a unique perspective to a developing world. Kassandra has been practicing hoop for 3 years and just recently picking up mini hoops in 2014 which has now become her niche. Kassandra has made it her mission to spread the power of the arts and create new avenues for all who share her passion.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/KassandraMorrisonFlow
Instagram: kassflows
Youtube: www.youtube.com/ArtsyHoops

You might have seen her this year at:

  • Flow Motion Chiller
  • FLAME Festival
  • New England Flow Fest
  • CampFire Retreat
  • Farenheight
  • Flow Down
  • Hyperion
  • MoFlow
  • Flow Camp
  • Kinetic Fire
  • Flow Storm
  • Farm on Fire
  • Riot Fest
  • Big Dub

She will continue teaching independent Workshops at studios around the U.S along with performing with acts such as Govinda and RandomRab.

If you feel that you’ve missed out on a class, don’t worry, she offers skype lessons and will be teaching at MOPS Manipulation and FlowMotion Symposium yet this year.

Kass has a new found love for juggling, triples and playing with Atomics. She left school to pursue instructing, training and being involved in the community in any way possible. She aspires to someday work for a cirque company of sorts.

This is the first year she’s performed and traveled around the states instructing! Dragon staff is starting to catch her eye. In her spare time, she’s been working on designs for a new company called Echoee, that will have its first gig at Flow Down this year. We are aiming towards unique designs to the community, class materials, juggling hoops, graphs and shenanigans.


Ehrlich Ocampo


“Around 2010, I was introduced to fire dancing. I learned poi and was introduced to the fascinating world of flow arts through Planet Zips Philippines.
It was a hard time being a newbie with a different style – I mean people were doing variations with flowers and stalls and I was exploring how to fuse the lines of dance and the circles of flow together. Think trying a lot of turns, jumps and cartwheels with poi. Believe me, it was a style that people didn’t preferred back then. But I stuck with my style and eventually it became distinct and a thing of its own.
I came upon the flow-wand around 2011 but it didn’t captivate me much with limited moves. However, in Philippine Flow Fest 2013, Iain Culp from US/China introduced me to the long string technique and it literally exploded a whole lot of possibilities for me. From there, I continued exploring and discovered a lot of potential with the fusion of dance and the leviwand.
So now, I am a professional performer under the alias “Firechill” doing fire and light shows – known for my distinct dynamic and acrobatic style of dancing. Mostly I do corporate shows as “Firechill”, but I’ve been discovering and sharing “Ehrlich” as an artist (and human) more recently.
I’ve performed very personal pieces namely “Dreams” and “Embrografie” recently in US festivals. I’ve also spearheaded Leviwand.com – a website for the wanding community and the Flow Art Show in the Phillippines.
2014/2015 appearances

  • Philippine Flow Festival 2014 and 2015
  • Imaginarium
  • Flow Art Show
  • Quanto Santo for FringeMNL
  • Malasimbo Lights and Dance Festival
  • Kinetic Fire
  • Fire Festival Korea
  • Psycusix Camp Out (Malaysia)
  • WildFire Retreat September
  • A cheerleader in school haha! Strengthened my body and learned acrobatics
  • Loves orange. And pizza.
  • Dreams of flying. For real.
  • Currently working on: handstands, cyr wheel, hoops
Much Happiness,
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