Point Isolations and Hybrids from Aaron Hall

//Point Isolations and Hybrids from Aaron Hall

Point Isolations and Hybrids from Aaron Hall

Aaron Hall is a fantastic spinner from Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  He recaps a fairly useful trick that he presented during his workshop at Kinetic Fire. He breaks down the concept of a Point Isolation with your poi, but obviously, you can extend these principles to clubs, double staffs, and perhaps even mini hoops!  This one technique opens up a world of possibilities of stops, stalls, and magical moments. The video includes hybrids as well.

Butterfly Pendulum- This is the basic starting point for this concept.  Start with both hands facing the same directions and gently swing the poi in opposite directions to perform a butterfly pendulum.  (:24)

Work on switching between the 3 and 9 positions and alternating which end is Point Isolated while Threading the Needle to create the Point Iso/Pendulum Hybrid. (:32-:45)

Aaron shows us how to integrate this awesome move into an antispin technique as well as swapping out one of the pendulums for an extension to make a really pretty shape (1:52-2:03)

Aaron then shows us a few variations on the concept utilizing Extensions, antispins, and different timings.

We hope you like this tutorial and have a great cinco de mayo!

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