Even if you don’t know these people, you know their faces and their skills and style pervade the flow arts community through their sheer talent and drive for the community.  Having shared their act and instructional knowledge at the likes of Flow Show San Francisco, MOPS, and IJA, we have been blessed with their presence at our festivals for many years now. Brian even Emcees several of our flowcases at FAI events.

While both are multi-talented, they have come together, uniting through the circle and their love for play with the mini hoops. They are currently working on passing 9 hoops juggling.

Cassie McKenney

Cassie McKenney is a nationally renowned teacher and performer who has been juggling, teaching, and performing with hoops of all sizes for 4 years. A teacher at heart, she brings her passion for learning and exploring what is possible with a hoop to her students of all ages. Living and training in East Oakland at the Vulcan Studios, Cassie performs and trains alongside the nation’s most skilled object manipulators in the world. Her love for teaching, performing and fire spinning has taken her across the country, where she has performed at music events, juggling festivals, private parties and even corporate events.

Brian Thompson

Brian Thompson has been juggling as a lifestyle since the age of 10 and has been living and training at the Vulcan Studios since 2009. Multi-talented and trained in many props, Brian has taught and performed all over North America and Europe. He is trained in hoops, clubs, balls, staff, air wheel, and poi, instructing and performing in most.

Cassie and Brian co-own and operate Tuff Hoops, a hoop making company specializing in heat-shrink protected performance isolation hoops. Inquire about their skype lessons through cassiemckenney@gmail.com for Cassie or jester.errant@gmail.com for Brian.

cassiemckenney.com, https://www.facebook.com/tuffhoops

Performances and Workshops @:

Flow Show SF
Madskillz Juggling Festival,Vancouver BC, Canada
FireDrums, Northern CA
Flame, Atlanta, GA
Pacific Fire Gathering, OR
IJA Festival, Purdue University
Portland Juggling Festival, Portland OR
Spin Summit, Black Forest CO


Pacific Fire Gathering