Tutsdays | Dragon Staff Shoulder Roll w/ Gonzo

//Tutsdays | Dragon Staff Shoulder Roll w/ Gonzo

Tutsdays | Dragon Staff Shoulder Roll w/ Gonzo

We’re back again with another installment of tutsdays. This week, we bring you a sweet move from one of our November Instructors of the Month, Gonzo.

This trick is a shoulder roll with a dragon staff. It gets a little tricky, but with various viewing angles and great instruction from Gonzo, we think you’ll have it in no time.

You’re going to want your right palm facing up and your left palm facing down. Your receiving arm is your left with the palm down. Your right with the palm up is your control arm. Pull your control arm up to make contact with your receiving arm. The receiving arm stays fully extended the entire time, and your elbow never bends. Spinning relative to your staff will help you successfully execute the move. As the roll completes, your left foot will pivot and the right foot will drop back relative to the movement of the staff.

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