Spinning Fire in New Hampshire

Spinning Fire In New Hampshire


As we get into the warmer months, people are already dusting off their gear getting ready to either spin fire for the first time or the five millionth time. The first warm days make us think of warmer nights when spinning can happen outside without the limitations of thick coats. For both the seasoned performer and the hobbyists, there is important information to know about spinning fire in New Hampshire this upcoming season.


Do NOT spin fire in any public or private venues, such as a spin jam or performance, unless you have a license and the proper permit.


Although the legislation has been on the books, it has not always been enforced. As fire performing has become more popular, it has gained attention from authorities who are aware of the legislation. It’s important to understand the importance of not just fire safety, but also working within existing fire performance guidelines.


This article will demystify the situation for you and help you understand what you need in order to get your fires (legally) burning.


*For those who already carry an E-29 Fire Performer License from NYC or another area that licenses fire performers, you can skip right to step 2 as long as you provide a copy of the valid license.*


Step 1) You must perform at least five fire sessions under the supervision of a performer with the New Hampshire Fire Performance License.


Step 2) Fill out the form at the website below.



Step 3) Provide the following to the NH Fire Marshall’s Office.

  •    A copy of your valid driver’s license,


  •   A copy of a U.S. Birth Certificate, or valid U.S. Passport,


  •    The completed original NH Criminal Record Check form.


  •   A check for the appropriate license fee made payable to the “State of New Hampshire”.


  •   A  record of 5 burn sessions with a licensed NH performer OR a copy of your performer license.


They will contact you about scheduling the test after the background check clears.


Step 4) Brush up on your NFPA 160 regulations AND the NH Code of Administrative Rules, Saf-C 6900 – Proximate Audience Pyrotechnics and Flame Effects. This new Special Effect Operator license was created specifically for Fire Performers, and the test covers the only this material.


Step 5) Pass!


Frequently Asked Questions


-It costs $300?!


Yes, it does. This covers the background check and is valid for three years. To renew the cost after three years, it only costs $200.


-Once I get the license, I can spin legally?


Not quite. The next step is to obtain a permit for your performance or spin jam. You need to apply at least ten business days before the event and provide all the safety information requested. Permits are $250 and good for a ten individual performances at the same venue/location.


Applying for a permit and the standard things required will be our next article.


-Are there single permit options?


At this time, no there are not.


-Does everyone performing need the license?


No, only one person needs to have the license at the performance/spin jam/ ect. They will be responsible for the safety of the event and make sure regulations are being followed. This means at performance with say ten spinners, only one needs to hold a license.


-Can’t I just spin on private property without following these rules?

Not legally in the state of New Hampshire.


– I’ve never heard of this before. Does anyone even have the license?

Yes, there are a few of us who do have the license. I recently acquired mine in January, and Ember Flynne has had hers for awhile and has been an advocate for people following the New Hampshire legislation. Tara McManus also carries a New Hampshire Fire Performer license.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.  I hope that it aids you in your fire spinning adventures in New Hampshire.


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