Tutsday – Clare McEnerney – Triple Hoop Fun

Welcome to our Tutsday’s tutorial with Clare McEnerney filmed at Pacific Fire Gathering!

Clare is an outstanding hoop artist from Colorado here to show us a sweet triple hoop iso manipulation.

To begins today’s tutorial, grab three hoops and bring them to a horizontal plane.

Make sure your outside hoops are being gripped in front of the inside hoop.

Step through the center hoop and bring it overhead.

Now the middle hoop will be held by the pressure of your arms, while the two outside hoops will be free to move and control with your hands.

To start your isolation, to the left or the right. Make sure your hands are facing on the same side of the hoops with an inside grip.

You can start with one thumb up and thumb down and then Isolate the hoop back and forth or over the top.

Once you have the isolations down, try folding, sliding, or just playing with a full range of motion.

Follow Clare’s adventures in Hooping on Instagram at @clareyadig
Thanks for tuning in for this weeks Tutsday brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute.

Have a beautiful week.

  • Megan Huizel

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