Tutsday – Jeremiah Jacobs – Wall Plane Mill’s Mess with Poi

What do you get when you mix Juggling with poi?

Well, you can get a lot of things, but let’s start with this Wall Plane Mills Mess taught to us by the ever-amazing Coach, aka Jeremiah Jacobs.

A prerequisite to this trick is to know your Wall Plane Cascade with three poi.

Start with just one poi. Do a normal toss, but rather than swinging downwards, swing under and over your shoulder, and then throw from behind. Be sure to have a smooth release, like a reverse penguin.

When you can do this with one poi, try it with two.

You can put all together by starting in your Wall Plane Cascade again. Just try doing one of the Mills Mess tosses within your cascade. Try it with every other hand right hand, or every other left hand, and finally back to back.

Jeremiah Jacobs, known affectionately as “Coach” by most, is a 22-year-old traveling instructor and performer from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Always a lover of fire, he became inspired to start spinning fire at age 11 after seeing it in a movie. A seasoned teacher of 8 years, he truly loves the art of instruction, which is where he finds his ultimate flow.

Show us your Wall Plane Mills Mess! We would love to see it!  Create an Instagram or Facebook video and tag @flowartsintitute and hashtag #tutsday.


Megan Huizel  

Video and edit by Moxie Watts

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