Tutsday – Lux Luminous – Leviwand – Vertical Under the Leg Toss Variation

Greetings fine people of the flow arts!

We are back again with another exciting and informative entry into the catalog of awesome tutorial magic brought to you by the Flow Arts Institute.

This week, we have the incredible Lux Luminous with some awesome Leviwand tech.  Lux is an innovator and a massive influence on the Leviwand scene.  She can be found moderating both of the Leviwand forums on Facebook, as well as helping out with Leviwand.com.  Lux is also the workshop coordinator for a fantastic upcoming event called the New England Flow Festival.  We were lucky enough to be able to catch up with Lux at Kinetic Fire 2016, where she showed us a cool Leviwand toss variation in between classes.

Let’s get to it.

You’ll want to start this whole process out by drilling your basic vertical tosses with the Leviwand.

For this, Lux typically throws the ball handle in a clockwise direction around her wand then catches the ball handle when it has finished it’s revolution.

It is vital to keep the wand vertical while this is happening.

Lux also pointed out that she specifically tries to catch the ball handle to avoid the need to untangle the string or the wand itself.

To complete the motion, Lux pulls the wand away from the landing site to keep the much-needed momentum for the wand’s verticality.

When you get the hang of keeping the Leviwand vertical throughout the toss and catch portion of this move, feel free to move on to performing this technique under your legs.

To perform the full move on the right side, toss the Leviwand with your right hand under the outside of your right leg.

Catch the ball handle with your right hand and make sure to pull the wand away on the catch to maintain momentum.

And that’s it.

Thanks to Lux Luminous for her time and knowledge!

You can keep up with her on Instagram > @lux_luminous

Special thanks to Jason Fields and Emily Bradley (Manic Pixie Dream Girl)
And to Sizzlebird for his amazing music.

Much love and circles.



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