Tutsday: Partner Hoop Ballet Toss

//Tutsday: Partner Hoop Ballet Toss

Tutsday: Partner Hoop Ballet Toss

Hey everybody, It’s that time of the week! TUTSDAY IS HERE AGAIN!

This week’s tutorial is brought to us by Keaton Butler and Sarah Arthur-Paratley of superhooping.org.  They bring to us, the Ballet Toss, a partner hoop swap! As you can see in the picture above, this involves some fancy footwork. This is written in the perspective of a “right footed” hooper.  If you are “left footed” please just swap the sides on the directions.

Part One : Balance Practice
-Find a wall to lean on. You are going to be throwing a hoop at this wall with your foot. Keep that in mind.
-Put your right foot in the hoop at a 90° angle from your left foot.
-Balance on your left foot while supporting yourself with your left hand on the wall.
-Throw the hoop down and forwards with your right hand, while kicking back with your right leg.
-For this trick to work, it is imperative that you keep your foot pointed out to the side the entire time.

Part Two : The Toss
-Once your right leg is in an extended position, point your toe and bend your knee, as you kick upwards.
-Start off just trying to get the hoop off of your foot.
-Pointing gets the hoop off of your foot and kicking gives it direction.
-Once you have that, focus on kicking upward and toward the wall to gain control and aim.

Part Three : With a Partner
-Once you have conquered the steps above and found a partner who has done the same, you can move on to the next step!
-Start by gaining balance with your partner.
-While looking at each other, hold your partner’s left hand for stability.
-Raise your right leg as you lean in.
-Be careful to not be so far apart that you pull  one another.
-Next, try doing the toss one partner at a time while the other person balances and catches the hoop.
-Once each partner can throw and catch the hoop, drill the balance portion of the trick without the toss.
-When you are finally ready, add in the toss and catch, and we have it!

Try not to be discouraged. There are many elements at play here. It may take some time to dial it in, but you can accomplish anything, right? Sure you can.

That’s all for this week, folks!  Keep growing and flowing.  See ya next week!

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