Hello again everybody!

We are back with this week’s entry of the Flow Arts Institute’s Tutsday series!  This week we have Sassy Cassie from Atlanta, GA, teaching a recap on her workshop at FLAME 2014, How to Spin Fans Like Double Staves.

Let’s begin!

Cassie begins by demonstrating the orientation of the fans.   Instead of displaying the larger sides of the fans, you will want to position your fans in a line facing your audience.  This provides the basis for the visual mimicry of double staves.

Cassie demonstrates a number of different techniques the carry over from the realm of double staff.   Antispins, Isolations, and Extensions can make up a number of interesting hybrids.  Adding different timings and directions allows for a greater variety of moves.

Cassie ends by demonstrating a few of her other favorite fan techniques.

We hope that left you feeling inspired to push further in your respective artform.