Tutsdays: Club Passing

//Tutsdays: Club Passing

Tutsdays: Club Passing

Jeremiah Johnston and Eli March show you the basics of club passing.  Don’t start with six first. Start with one each. The person you are throwing to is your target. Practice throwing to your target with one rotation of the club. The other person should not have to move at all. It’s import to bring the passing club down to the side of your leg for maximum efficiency. Use the pendulum of your shoulder. You should be thinking about throwing the club through them not to them. After you have mastered that, practice catching and throwing simultaneously with one another. Throwing in a throw to yourself (also simultaneously) never hurts. Once you have mastered this, only then are you ready to step it up to the next level.

The Next Level

This is where you practice juggling as you receive a throw. When person 1 throws to person 2, person 2 will start juggling immediately on the catch. Drill this back and forth to practice the transition between passing and self juggling. This is also a good exercise for picking up a club when you are juggling six.

Six Clubs!

Once you have mastered the pass and self juggle. Keep time with one another practicing the juggling and throws together with all six clubs. 1 – 2 – 3 – PASS. 4 throws all together. Every other right hand throw, throw to each other.

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