Tutsdays: Double Staff Pressure Traps & Violining

//Tutsdays: Double Staff Pressure Traps & Violining

Tutsdays: Double Staff Pressure Traps & Violining

Tyler Spades brings us some interested double staff on staff contact moves.

Pressure Trap
The first move is a pressure trap from Adam Lobo. You use three points of contact between your elbow, your wrist and your other wrist to freeze the staff to move. You can also do this with two staves at the top and roll it into a trap, breaking the rotation with your other elbow and back into a pressure lock.

The second trick is from Matt Brey called violining. It works by rolling the one staff in your solid hand down like you’re going to do an angel roll. Let it spin around while you move your arm to cross your body back like you are doing a steve. Then throw the other staff over. You will be switching staves at the end of the trick.

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