Tutsdays: Partner Hoop Tech, “The Bridge”

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Hello good people of the Flow Arts!

It’s time for another edition of the Flow Arts Institute’s tutorial series, Tutsday!   

This week, we are featuring another Partner Hooping trick called “The Bridge”.
Thanks to Keaton Butler and Sara Arthur-Paratley of superhooping.org for this awesome partner hoop tutorial.

If you watched the video before reading this, you surely noticed there is a lot of flexibility involved in this particular technique.

Be sure to warm up before attempting this trick.

-Stretch more

That aside, let’s get to business.

1. Start with your hoop going counterclockwise at your knees.  

2. When the hoop hits the back of your right leg, pull out your left leg.  This may take a few tries to get the timing, but keep trying and you will eventually succeed.

3. Keep your lifted leg above the plane of your hoop.  You are going to have to be careful not to knock the hoop down.

4. Grab the back of your foot. While pulling up on your foot, lean forward and extend your front arm for balance.

5.From here, transition into a Standing Split position.

          a. Release your foot.  Turn your body and carefully bring your leg to the front without interfering with the path of the hoop. Your foot should be a decent amount higher than your knee as you bring it forward to avoid knocking the hoop down.

          b. Bring your newly freed hand along the inside of your leg and grab the heel (or bridge) of your raised foot.

          c. If it is comfortable, guide your heel upwards into the full Standing Split.  Don’t worry if your flexibility is not at this level yet.  It takes time to develop.   Keep stretching and balancing and all of this (and more) can be yours.

6.  Time to partner up!  Figure out the distance you need to be able to hoop without colliding but still be able to comfortably lean forward and hold hands.

7.  Begin the technique as described above.  When you lean forward, grab your partner’s hand.

8.  Make eye contact to know when to pull your feet out and when to change positions.  Timing is everything here people!

Well that is all we have time for this week but I will leave  you with some wise words from Keaton & Sara:

“It helps to wear pants that aren’t slippery”

There you have it.  
Be well, have fun, stretch, and wear the right pants.


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